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2018 Lenten Mission

2018 Lenten Mission


Saint Patrick's Church presents

"Kingdom of Happiness" with Father Jeffrey Kirby

Join us on February 19th, 20th, and 21st

Morning Sessions begins at 9:00am and our Evening Sessions begins at 6:30pm


Please note that each session of our 2018 Lenten Mission is independent

of each other, but there will be a recap at the beginning of each session.



Father Kirby explains that finding the 'Kingdom of Happiness" through the Beatitudes is

not a self-help guide or a list of things to do, but a series of grace filled, life giving promises

that can excite our souls and point us to a way of true, lasting happiness.


Father Kirby states “In the end, happiness is knowing we are blessed and loved by

God and seeking always to be a blessing and an instrument of love to those around us.”



Father Kirby’s books will be available for sale.

*Cash or checks made out to St. Patrick Church*

To find out more about Father Kirby check out:

webpage: http://frkirby.com


Learn more about Father Kirby: 

A priest of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Diocese of Charleston, SC.

A national speaker with a Doctorate in Moral Theology and a fire for The Lord.

A globally published author of spiritual books and formation