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Pastoral Advisory Council

The Pastoral Advisory Council (PAC) is a representative body of the parish and acts as a source of advice to the Pastor in planning the mission and focus of the parish. The PAC helps the pastor know the needs and wants of the parish; seeks to improve and expand ministries, and explores ways to increase parishioner involvement. The PAC meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month (September-June) in the Parish Center at 6:00 pm.


Pictured below are the current PAC members:

Fr. Robert Dziedziak, Fr. Russell Wright


Joanna Benante, Tom Bowman, Alison Vesco, Tom Wilcox, Tom Hopkins


Barbara Keane, Denis O'Connor, Deacon Harry Antrim, Lee Byron, Jane Lange


Julie Maloni, Mary Jo Petersen, Kathy Davies, and John Rudd.




The council was formed in 2014 after several listening sessions were held to find out what the parishioners liked about Saint Patrick's and what they would like to see improved or added. 

Eight successful churches in the area were also visited to understand their operation and success.

Early activities included the generation of a charter of operations.  One clear objective was to focus on current ministries: becoming better aware of the 30 ministries, their goals, what was working well, and what help they needed to move forward. Another objective was to establish a process to encourage the facilitation and formation of new ministries; a new ministry form was created and a process was implemented to give parishioners the ability to communicate their ideas to start new ministries.  Once submitted, the PAC reviews the ministry idea and the pastor will sign the form if approved. Each Council member is assigned a couple of ministries so that they can better know them and represent them. Meetings are held each month to review the ministries and to review recent input from the parish using the newly implemented process. Several new ministries have started since the implementation of this new process with more in the works!