Pastor's Welcome
Thank you for visiting! It is my pleasure to introduce you to our welcoming and enthusiastic St. Patrick Parish family. As Pastor, I have been truly blessed to witness the tremendous growth and progress made in the life of our Parish. Now, we are at the important mile-stone mark in the history of St. Patrick's. Our “Debt Free in Three” campaign is a great success. In months to come, we’ll be launching new ministries and programs to serve and foster our lives and we would love you to join us!

Recently, the Parish embraced a new mission statement, “Love God, Love our Neighbors, Make Disciples,” built around the following set of values… values that we believe reflect our faith and guide our thinking, our way of living, our deeds and our way of communicating with each other and with everyone we serve:
  • Respect: We fully respect and accept all people and the broad range of points of view they represent. We will always be respectful in our conversations, our actions and our thinking, as we work to demonstrate our love for all people.
  • Fostering Spiritual Growth: We come together to promote holiness, individually and together as a family of faith. We will actively support the spiritual growth of our parishioners and our neighbors in our communities.
  • Joyfulness: We celebrate the gift of faith from the Holy Spirit and we take every opportunity to show our joy at this gift of faith.
  • Commitment: We commit to what we are asked to do as part of St. Patrick's parish and we understand that our parishioners and our neighbors are depending on us to live up to our commitments.
  • Service to Others: We live our faith by serving others--in our parish, in our communities--and in missions, wherever we are called.
  • Giving: We commit to the need to give in a meaningful way- to St. Patrick's as a community and to each other.
  • Humility: We understand that it is not "I" who changes the world, it is "We" working together in small steps that will have the biggest impact in demonstrating God's love.
  • Fellowship: We believe that the power of God's love is greatest when we bring people together in fellowship.
  • Compassion: We will act as Jesus showed us- showing compassion for each individual. We acknowledge that each individual carries a burden and we know that our role is to serve and help!
School Ends, Hunger Begins for 21,000 children
Impact of All Faiths Food Bank on Children of our Community
Last summer 15,500+ children received food thanks to a community united against hunger. Find out more and how you can help by visiting All Faiths Food Bank
Earthquake Crisis in Nepal
The Church around the world is working to help the suffering families and individuals in the region. Here in the United States, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) facilitates our part in responding to this horrific disaster. If you wish to provide assistance to the people of Nepal, please follow the instructions in the
Letter from the Bishop.
Nepalese novice Buddhist monks offer prayers for earthquake victims, April 26, 2015.