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Welcome from Fr. Paul

Welcome to the website of the Church of St. Patrick in Sarasota, FL.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our welcoming, generous, and enthusiastic/dynamic Church of St Patrick's family.

I am often reminded by friends and parishioners of the event that happened during my arrival to the parish, which is the pandemic of COVID-19 in March of 2020.

It was and still is a difficult event in our world today. This event has reshaped the way we think, the way we relate and interact with one another, and the way we worship.

No one would have ever thought that we received the sacrament of Reconciliation and Holy Communion by the drive-through. However, through this difficult event, we truly experience the goodness, kindness, and generosity of our parishioners.

Many parishioners have come forward to rebuild the community in so many different ways during and after the event of COVID-19.

Church of St Patrick is not just a beautiful structure and property, but it is the parishioners that make this community at its best to carry out its mission “Love God, Love Your Neighbor, Make Disciples”.

This mission is built around the following set of values, values that reflect our faith and guide our thinking, our way of living, our deeds, and our way of communicating with each other and with everyone we serve.

  • Respect: We fully respect and accept all people and the broad range of points of view they represent. We will always be respectful in our conversations, our actions and our thinking, as we work to demonstrate our love for all people. 

  • Fostering Spiritual Growth: We come together to promote holiness, individually and together as a family of faith. We will actively support the spiritual growth of our parishioners and our neighbors in our communities. 

  • Joyfulness: We celebrate the gift of faith from the Holy Spirit and we take every opportunity to show our joy at this gift of faith. 

  • Commitment: We commit to what we are asked to do as part of St. Patrick's parish and we understand that our parishioners and our neighbors are depending on us to live up to our commitments. 

  • Service to Others: We live our faith by serving others--in our parish, in our communities--and in missions, wherever we are called. 

  • Giving: We commit to the need to give in a meaningful way- to St. Patrick's as a community and to each other. 

  • Humility: We understand that it is not "I" who changes the world, it is "We" working together in small steps that will have the biggest impact in demonstrating God's love. 

  • Fellowship: We believe that the power of God's love is greatest when we bring people together in fellowship. 

  • Compassion: We will act as Jesus showed us- showing compassion for each individual. We acknowledge that each individual carries a burden and we know that our role is to serve and help!

If you have visited our Parish, we hope that you are already our friend with a desire to return. Regardless of faith, situation in life, or your current relationship with God, I encourage and invite you to come and make new friends, to worship with us at Mass and make St. Patrick Catholic Church part of your life. Feel always invited and welcomed!

With Prayers, 

Fr. Paul Nguyen